A Perfect Picnic at Pleasant Home and Park + Giveaway!

Summer, is that you?

Now that Chicago summer is almost in full swing, we chose to celebrate this beautiful weather with a small picnic at Mills Park PleasantĀ House with our friend, Sanem. In our opinion, there isn’t a better way to spend a summer day than in the park with friends. A little wine doesn’t hurt either. šŸ˜‰ Continue reading “A Perfect Picnic at Pleasant Home and Park + Giveaway!”

Our First Trips To Paris…

Here at the shop, its no secret we love all things French and Parisian. We spend our days looking for new products made in France and over all just day dreaming about drinking a glass of rosĆ© along a cute cafe. Most recently, the youngest member of the Peach team just got back from a school exchange trip to Paris, and we all started dreaming and reminiscing about our first trips to the city of lights… Continue reading “Our First Trips To Paris…”

How to Up Your Bubble Bath to the Next Level

Happy Friday everyone!

Sometimes you just need to kick back and have some ‘me time’. One of the peach’s favorite ways to unwind is an old school bubble bath! There isĀ nothing quite like relaxing cozy tub full of bubbles with a good book! For those of you who are in need of some R&R, this post is for you. Continue reading “How to Up Your Bubble Bath to the Next Level”

A Peachy Twist on the Kentucky Derby


At CarefulPeach we will celebrate just about anything. Your dog walker’s birthday? Crack out the wine! Found a great new pair of shoes? Pop some bubbly! We even once helped celebrate a birthday for an antique cane (true story!) So when an actual event or holiday comes around, you best believe we are ready to party! Next weekend is the famed Kentucky Derby. Since 1875, Churchhill Downs has celebrated theĀ “The Run for the Roses”Ā in style with pastels, big floppy hats, and mint juleps in hand. In fact, it was reported that roughly 127,000 mint juleps are consumed at the derby! Here are our thee Derby essentials you need for easy entertaining: Continue reading “A Peachy Twist on the Kentucky Derby”

Valentine’s Day Peach Picks


Whether you love or loathe Valentine’s Day, it’s almost here! The Peach is, of course, team Valentine’s Day. Any excuse to celebrate love is alright in our book! Plus, a day dedicated to all things love can really take your mind off of the cold and grimy weather in Chicago.

Here are our picks for a cozy night in with the one you you love:

Continue reading “Valentine’s Day Peach Picks”

We’re Dreaming of a Cubs Christmas

Today, we decided to take a little break from sharing our Peach Picks.

Well there’s no denying it.

Snow shovels are out, wool socks are on, and Christmas is around the corner. But not even sub zero temperaturesĀ can stop us from dreaming about the best season in Chicago.

That is, baseball season. Continue reading “We’re Dreaming of a Cubs Christmas”

Michelle’s Peach Picks

Welcome to our first annual ‘Peach Picks’, where we, your loyal Peaches, tell you all about our favorite gifts this year (cue “Theses are a few of our favorite things…”) First up areĀ Michelle’s must haves for the holidays this year!

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The Best Fall Cocktail You Should Be Drinking Right Now


Fall is finally in full swing, and the one thing I find missing most about summer and light and breezy cocktails. Lucky for you, here is a favorite cocktail of mine that is ridiculously easy to make, refreshing, and perfect for fall!

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Our Latest Obsession: Boozy Desserts

What’t not to love about a boozy dessert? Often after you have prepared a meal, the last thing you want to do is makeĀ dessert or fix after dinner drinks. Enter this two-in-one dessert cocktail.

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