Valentine’s Day Peach Picks


Whether you love or loathe Valentine’s Day, it’s almost here! The Peach is, of course, team Valentine’s Day. Any excuse to celebrate love is alright in our book! Plus, a day dedicated to all things love can really take your mind off of the cold and grimy weather in Chicago.

Here are our picks for a cozy night in with the one you you love:

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We’re Dreaming of a Cubs Christmas

Today, we decided to take a little break from sharing our Peach Picks.

Well there’s no denying it.

Snow shovels are out, wool socks are on, and Christmas is around the corner. But not even sub zero temperatures can stop us from dreaming about the best season in Chicago.

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Michelle’s Peach Picks

Welcome to our first annual ‘Peach Picks’, where we, your loyal Peaches, tell you all about our favorite gifts this year (cue “Theses are a few of our favorite things…”) First up are Michelle’s must haves for the holidays this year!

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The Best Fall Cocktail You Should Be Drinking Right Now


Fall is finally in full swing, and the one thing I find missing most about summer and light and breezy cocktails. Lucky for you, here is a favorite cocktail of mine that is ridiculously easy to make, refreshing, and perfect for fall!

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Our Latest Obsession: Boozy Desserts

What’t not to love about a boozy dessert? Often after you have prepared a meal, the last thing you want to do is make dessert or fix after dinner drinks. Enter this two-in-one dessert cocktail.

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The New Jewelry Case that Almost Wasn’t

Even though our store has been open for 10 years now, we’re constantly looking for great display pieces. We have such a soft spot for antique and vintage, when we discovered this gorgeous jewelry case from the 1920s, it was love at first sight!

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A Week in Burgundy

Shortly after our Bastille Day celebration, Karen & Pete spent a week in Burgundy, France (followed by a few days in Paris because who can stay away from Paris?). Though they have been to France on a few different occasions, Burgundy was a new destination for them. They spent most of their time in Beaune touring  some of our favorite wineries (more on that later, as well as discovering some new ones! Karen was able to fulfill one of her dreams by going to the Fallot Mill (more on that later as well!)  Here’s a few photos from this phenomenal trip:

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Our Bastille Day Celebration: Fraternité.

At the Peach, we just love a good party, which is why we do a huge Bastille Day bash every year. We start the planning months in advance (usually just after New Years!). As this was our 10th annual celebration, this party would no exception. First, we start the planning with a theme for the day. In the past we have done Provence, 1920s Paris, New Orleans, and this year we decided on hot air balloons in Paris. Spotted Kettle Studios designed a fabulous image for us (and if you haven’t yet checked out her work look on her website HERE). We hired not one but two live bands, filled the shelves with specialty French finds, stocked up on lots of new jewelry, had macaroons flown in from Paris, hosted a fun sidewalk sale just outside the store, raffled off a gift certificate every hour as well as an absolutely GORGEOUS (and totally stacked) picnic basket, and of course serve champagne. What could possibly go wrong?

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Our Latest Obession: Faux Bois


Faux Bois (pronounced fah-oh bwah) translated from French meaning “fake wood.” Faux Bois can be made of any material-plastic, resin, painted concrete, even fabric! It is made to look (and sometimes feel) like wood. Plus, it’s often a more sustainable and economic  alternative to using real wood. Now why is a French inspired boutique in Chicago obsessed with all things fake wood? Well, I’ll tell you!  Continue reading “Our Latest Obession: Faux Bois”