Unpacking the Mystery of the French Wine Label

You’re strolling through your favorite French shop a.k.a., CarefulPeach Boutique, when, you turn the corner and our new wine rack presents itself. Intrigued, you venture closer to take a peek at our expansive wine inventory, when a bottle catches your eye. Frustrated by the foreign language and deterred by no mention of anything you easily recognize (Cabernet? Merlot? Hello?) your insecurity quickly leads you to either a.) ask a a friendly and knowledgable Peach employee for assistance or b.) walk away empty handed or c.) choose a bottle based on how charming the label is.

Does this situation sound familiar? If so, here are some tips on how to decipher a French wine label and purchase French wine confidently.

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Two Lavender Cocktails You Need To Try

Bonjour friends!

How is it almost Labor Day already? I can’t believe summer has flown by so quickly. At the Peach we have been busy trying to soak up these last few weeks of summer and relax in the sun. Nothing quite beats sitting on a quiet porch (or poolside, if you’re lucky!) with a cocktail in hand.

To help you enjoy this last stretch of summer, we are sharing two of our favorite cocktails (we couldn’t pick just one!) that include our secret summer weapon- Lavender Syrup.

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The Hidden Beauty of Oak Park Courtyards

Bonjour, friends! This weekend was the Micro Brew Review hosted by Downtown Oak Park. Every year, we trade in our wine glasses for beer mugs to check out the hundreds of local breweries on Marion Street. We got to thinking about some of the amazing things Oak Park has to offer. While this village we call home is know for it’s one-of-a-kind architecture (Frank Lloyd Wright, any one?), many visitors overlook the quaint hidden gem that is the apartment courtyard.

Today, we’ve rounded up a few of our favorite Oak Park courtyards, check them out below!

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To Beaune We Go on a Mustard Adventure

Recently, we’ve been hearing about everyone’s summer travel plans, and it got us thinking about a great trip last year to Beaune, France. Not familiar with Beaune? It is a small town in the Burgundy region of France. Beaune boasts idyllic French countryside views, amazing Chardonnay, and is home to Fallot Mustard! In honor of National Mustard Day on August 5th (yes, that is a real holiday!) We’re sharing our journey to the Mustard mecca.

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Oodles of Poodles

Bonjour mes amies!

At CarefulPeach we host a lot of events. We host wine tastings, shopping nights, we’ve had French lessons, our bastille day party, benefits, and even a bachelorette party! As fun as these events are, one of our favorites is the annual Poodle Parade! After all, who wouldn’t want a parade of the cutest pups around!

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Favorite Parisian Books

Summer is the best time to get lost in a good book. One of life’s simple pleasures is to sit on my favorite park bench or the beach (if I’m lucky) and escape for a few hours. So, whether you’re planning on enjoying a holiday this summer or just want to unwind with a good read on your patio, we’ve got the French books that will keep you in a sunny mood all season long. So kick back, put your feet up and get lost in another world.

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Sur La Mer 2017

Well this weekend was a total blast! We just wrapped up our 10th annual Bastille Day party at the shop- we can’t believe 10 years have flown by just like that!

Since this weekend was so much fun, we thought we’d share some highlights and behind the scenes pics from our Bastille Day celebration…

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Why Do We Celebrate Bastille Day?

Happy Bastille Day, mes amis!

Annually, CarefulPeach hosts a large party to mark Bastille Day. Each year we look forward to hosting this enjoyable summer party and inviting our friends and neighbors around Oak Park. However, sadly, last year there was an attack in France on Bastille Day, and we reflected on the gravity of the day.  It got us thinking a lot about community, why we love France, and what is Bastille Day really all about? Continue reading “Why Do We Celebrate Bastille Day?”

Go Reusable!

At the Peach, we work hard on being as eco-conscious as we can. We recycle whenever possible, limit our use of plastic and disposable products, and research goods that promote sustainable and responsible practices (more on that later). So, when we heard about the new plan to cut down on shopping bags in an effort to be less wasteful, we were excited to learn more about being part of the solution rather than the problem.

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