Faux Bois (pronounced fah-oh bwah) translated from French meaning “fake wood.” Faux Bois can be made of any material-plastic, resin, painted concrete, even fabric! It is made to look (and sometimes feel) like wood. Plus, it’s often a more sustainable and economic  alternative to using real wood. Now why is a French inspired boutique in Chicago obsessed with all things fake wood? Well, I’ll tell you! 

We love the rustic, classic, and earthy quality of Faux Bois. It can totally be art nouveau -think long winding branches and Tree of Life by Gustav Kilmet:


And it’s a classic look. Faux Bois in a light brown driftwood color oozes lake house ease and Hamptons chic. We love using faux bois as planters (seen below) and as whimsical statement pieces like this cast iron one  from the 1880s.

Faux Bois Planter


What are your thoughts on faux bois? How would you use it in your home?

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