At the Peach, we just love a good party, which is why we do a huge Bastille Day bash every year. We start the planning months in advance (usually just after New Years!). As this was our 10th annual celebration, this party would no exception. First, we start the planning with a theme for the day. In the past we have done Provence, 1920s Paris, New Orleans, and this year we decided on hot air balloons in Paris. Spotted Kettle Studios designed a fabulous image for us (and if you haven’t yet checked out her work look on her website HERE). We hired not one but two live bands, filled the shelves with specialty French finds, stocked up on lots of new jewelry, had macaroons flown in from Paris, hosted a fun sidewalk sale just outside the store, raffled off a gift certificate every hour as well as an absolutely GORGEOUS (and totally stacked) picnic basket, and of course serve champagne. What could possibly go wrong?

When we heard the heartbreaking news from Nice, we were shocked. In light of the tragedy, we our first instinct was to cancel the event. We did not want to be insensitive, and our Bastille Day was scheduled just two days after the attack while France was still in mourning. What should we do? If we canceled everything, would that even help anyone? After much deliberation, we decided to move forward with our Bastille Day Celebration for one simple reason: the world could always use a little more joy. We looked to the  French expression of “Fraternité” meaning “togetherness” and that we are stronger as a unit than as one. We planned an event for the community to be shared with old friends and new neighbors, and that is exactly what we needed now more than ever. So, with that in mind we decided to go full speed to ensure this was our best Bastille Day yet. We encouraged people to talk to someone they didn’t yet know over a glass of champagne, dance along with the band, and create new memories. It ended up being a truly wonderful day that we were able to share with some many people in the community. We could not be more grateful for our celebration this weekend, and as they say Vive La France!


Oh, bonjour you beautiful macaroons! It was near impossible to not eat all of them!


Our first swing band of the day! They were so lively and energetic- a great start to the day!


Festive and delicious is surely the way to go!


Le bark!


Midwest meets Paris with cornhole games in front of the store

Band with Dog

We had an absolute blast dancing to our second swing band of the day!


The aftermath of a truly fabulous party!

Thats a wrap from the Peach staff!  We loved meeting new friends as well as seeing some familiar faces. How do you celebrate Bastille Day?


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