Shortly after our Bastille Day celebration, Karen & Pete spent a week in Burgundy, France (followed by a few days in Paris because who can stay away from Paris?). Though they have been to France on a few different occasions, Burgundy was a new destination for them. They spent most of their time in Beaune touring  some of our favorite wineries (more on that later, as well as discovering some new ones! Karen was able to fulfill one of her dreams by going to the Fallot Mill (more on that later as well!)  Here’s a few photos from this phenomenal trip:


Don’t these radishes look…radishing?



Do they have castles to rent on Air B&B?


The lovely  and ancient town of Beaune from the hills.



These bottles of wine are being aged and have been reserved since the 1950s and 1960s! Can you imagine drinking such a special bottle of wine? We can. 


Working the grapevines with a trusty assistant.


Biking though endless fields of wine to be. Ah, what dreams are made of.


Why, bonjour Monsieur snail!


Karen discovered a love of Chardonnay 


Feyonnce Outside of Fallot’s headquarters and factory with Marc Desarmenien, the owner and grandson of Edmond Fallot (more on this visit, later!)


The art of charcuterie is not taken lightly in Burgundy.


Where is your favorite spot in France to visit?

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