Welcome to our first annual ‘Peach Picks’, where we, your loyal Peaches, tell you all about our favorite gifts this year (cue “Theses are a few of our favorite things…”) First up are Michelle’s must haves for the holidays this year!

Hello friends! I have been a loyal Peach for over two years now, and today I am sharing my favorite gifts (okay, okay most of these have been gifts for me, but that’s besides the point!).

1. Hyalomiel Hand Creme

I cannot say enough good things about this hand creme. Not only is the art nouveau style packaging just stunning, but the product works so well! The winters here in Chicago can do be a real doozy on your skin.   Hyalomiel perfect for when your hands and nails start to feel dry or cracked and your normal hand creme just doesn’t cut it. Plus, it’s made with honey which makes it naturally antibiotic.

2. Staub Cocotte 

I bought my first Staub a few months ago and have fallen in love! I’ve already made chili, and gumbo (thanks Pinterest), and I’m planning to try this recipe next week! What sets Staub apart from other dutch ovens is how the inside of the lid has tiny bumps on it. This  feature makes steam naturally condense on the lid, rather than running off to the sides. Steam then drips down evenly over the entire dish, which helps balance any thing you are slow cooking!

3. Le Coeur Watch

I never leave the house without a watch on- I feel naked without one! All of the Le Coeur watches are both unisex and have a minimalist design that looks elegant and urban. Plus, for every watch sold, they donate a portion of the proceeds to a differnt charity every month. While I love this rose gold and walnut watch, I’m also obsessed with this all black one. Decisions, decisions!

4.Foxy Flannel Pajamas

Matching PJs are such a luxury! I’ve spent years in mismatched sweatpants and old tee shirts, but once I got my first pair of matching PJs, I never looked back. This flannel set is made in San Francisco and super warm. And how can you not love the little fox pattern on them?

protip: these PJs run a little roomy, so if you are between sizes, size down! 

4. Alice ‘Daman’ Prosecco

This prosecco is so tasty! While prosecco is typically a sweet bubbly, the Alice Daman is dry and very drinkable. Bring this to brunch next weekend and you won’t be disappointed!

5. Labradorite ‘Slice’ Necklace

Labradorite is one of my favorite stones because of the way the colors can change. Depending on the cut (faceted or smooth) and lighting, labradorite can appear black, brown, green, and even blue!  Plus, dark jewelry has been trending huge this season (stay tuned for more info on that!)

6. Juliska ‘Amalia’ Champagne Flutes

Well, you need to put that processco somewhere! These ‘Amalia’ flutes are mouth blown and have such an elegant design. Stunningly statuesque, they are designed with a playful swirl that seems to ascend upwards alongside the champagne bubbles.



Stay tuned for more Peach Picks coming soon!

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