Today, we decided to take a little break from sharing our Peach Picks.

Well there’s no denying it.

Snow shovels are out, wool socks are on, and Christmas is around the corner. But not even sub zero temperatures can stop us from dreaming about the best season in Chicago.

That is, baseball season.

Its no secret that the Peach is a longtime fan of the Chicago Cubs. While we do love a glass of champagne and dream of Parisian macarons, there are few better ways to spend an afternoon than drinking a cold beer in the bleachers that surround the ivy in Wrigley Field. #flytheW

This Christmas, we wanted to bring you Cubs gifts, with a Peachy twist of course.

We’ve carried these cufflinks for a while. Simple, elegant, and timeless, all with a little twist of a few baseball stitches. One of our favorite new products is this amazing beanie! While this may look like any other hat, this is by no means an ordinary beanie. Did you know that inside of every MLB baseball is over 150 yards of yarn? Me neither! This beanie takes the yarn from inside the baseball and re-spins it into a new hat  Like everything else in the collection, each hat is authenticated with an MLB hologram, so you can check out what game the ball is from! We’re also totally obsessed with this watch that is perfect for any cubby fan (guy or gal) on your list. If the look of the baseball isn’t quite your thing, be sure to take a look at these cufflinks made from the old bleachers at Wrigley Field

Check out the entire collection here, or stop by the shop!

We’ll be back with more gift guides for you to peruse soon, ta ta for now!

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