A Perfect Picnic at Pleasant Home and Park + Giveaway!

Summer, is that you?

Now that Chicago summer is almost in full swing, we chose to celebrate this beautiful weather with a small picnic at Mills Park Pleasant House with our friend, Sanem. In our opinion, there isn’t a better way to spend a summer day than in the park with friends. A little wine doesn’t hurt either. 😉

If you find yourself in our lovely Oak Park neighborhood, you’ve got to take a stroll through the park (after stopping in CarefulPeach and Sanem’s Boutique of course!) Her boutique has the loveliest clothing and jewelry. Every time we’re in the store we have to stop ourselves from buying just about everything (we are particularly obsessed with the darling straw hat that you’re about to see! Scroll down!)

Anyway, just in time for picnic season, we are teaming up with Sanem for a giveaway!  We are raffling off this adorable basket for two and when you mention this post we will give you a 10% discount on any purchase at the shop! To enter to win or to get your 10% discount, all you need to do is mention this post at either Sanem’s or CarefulPeach! The last date to enter the contest is June 27!IMG_9059

IMG_9070This picnic basket is the perfect size- not too bulky to carry yet large enough to handle the fixings for a great cheese and charcuterie spread! IMG_9108Another peach picnic pick (say that five times fast!) is this amazing Corkcicle canteen! It stays cold for 24 hours and hot for 12! Plus, the larger size can fit an ENTIRE bottle of wine! It’s perfect for when you need to be a little *ahem* discreet about your alcohol.IMG_9141Don’t you just love these summer ensembles? Of course, all of our outfits are available at Sanem’s boutique! IMG_9189How darling is Michele in Sanem’s bright floral dress and sweet straw hat (a truly glamorous way to keep the hot summer sun off your face)?IMG_9237

IMG_9257Don’t you love this gorgeous black romper complemented with one of our favorite sunny day accessories–the straw hat! Doesn’t everyone need a hat to match their picnic basket? Oui, Oui. IMG_9248Also, the chic white bandana is classic french girl style with an edgy twist. IMG_92792017 is the year of off the shoulder. I mean, have you ever seen so much bare shoulder? We love how bright this red floral romper is! You could pair it with some killer strappy black sandals or even sport it as a cute cover up at the beach and/or pool! IMG_9276

IMG_9267Isn’t Sanem so pretty donning this charming straw hat? We think its a stylish way to stay cool and protected this summer! By the way, this lovely gal definitely has a face for hats!IMG_9301



IMG_9177We think Karen looks ravishing in Sanem’s gingham off the shoulder top! This top is seriously #SummerGoals. You can check out how how Sanem styled it here as well.  IMG_9167Besides Mills Park, another great picnic spot in Oak Park is Austin Gardens. In the summer, Festival Theatre puts on Shakespeare in the Park.  Every year they choose a different Shakspearean play to act out and perform in the park. Everyone brings picnic baskets filled with snacks and wine. It is a warm summer evening that truly feels magical! This summer, they are performing Macbeth– I cannot wait to see it!USE IMG_9049Where is your favorite spot to have a picnic? Additionally, how do you like to fill your picnic basket? Comment below!



4 thoughts on “A Perfect Picnic at Pleasant Home and Park + Giveaway!

  1. I love having our picnics in Millennium Park at the Pritzker. At night when the concerts are playing having a picnic with friends is an absolute joy. I usually fill my picnic basket with sandwiches, currently making curry chicken on brioche buns, potato salad, honeydew melon in orange blossom syrup, crackers with beet hummus, cornichons, and mini bundt cakes.


  2. I love to picnic in Millennium Park at the Pritzker listening to the the concerts and enjoying a picnic with friends on the lawn in the evenings. I fill my picnic basket with curry chicken on brioche buns, potato salad, honeydew melon in orange blossom syrup, beet hummus with crackers, cornichons, mini bundt cakes and a good bottle of white wine.


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