People ask all of the time, how did CarefulPeach Boutique get its name? What does it even mean? What is a careful peach? Well, we have an answer for you!

The name ‘CarefulPeach’ itself sounds neither French, not is indicative of a little boutique outside of Chicago, so we definitely understand the confusion.

Plus, a little side note: on our street in downtown Oak Park, there is the cutest kid’s store called ‘Pumpkin Moon’ and in the building above us is ‘Gentle Birth Care’, a midwives clinic. People get us confused all of the time!

So what does CarefulPeach mean?

It’s simple. CarefulPeach is our two owners (Karen & Pete) nicknames for each other.

‘Careful’ Karen + ‘Peachy’ Pete= CarefulPeach Boutique


How sweet is that? 

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