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Summer is a time for impromptu get togethers, BBQs, and wine nights. There is nothing more annoying than coming home from a long day of work and opening some wine to realize that its not chilled!

Here are four tips to enjoying a glass (or two!) of refreshing wine in no time!

1. Frozen Paper Towel Method

Simply soak a paper towel with water from the kitchen sink and wrap it around your wine. Be careful around the label, since the paper might stick to it. Then, place the bottle of wine in the freezer. Voila! Your wine should be chilled within 12-15 minutes!

2. Salt & Ice

Maybe you had a particularly long day at work and just can’t wait 12-15 minutes for your wine to chill. If this is the case, fill your favorite ice bucket with ice and then place the bottle of wine in it. Then, add about a cup or two of water mixed with a handful of kosher salt. The salt will react with the ice to make the wine chill even quicker (usually in about 6 minutes)!

3. Frozen Grapes

Keep a stash of green grapes frozen in your freezer! We think this is best used with white wine (even though red is usually served at room temperature). This is a great way to add just the tiniest bit of flavor without comprising the wine.

 4. Corkcicle Wine Chiller

Think of this as an investment into your wine. Place this wine chiller in your freezer for at least 90 minutes (in the summer, I just leave it in the freezer all of the time!) then when you have a bottle of wine you would like chilled, just take it out. While this is the most time consuming of the four options, it is probably the best option. First of all, since the chiller goes inside the wine bottle, it chills the wine evenly. Second of all, it serves as an aerator. It aerates the wine while you pour- how cool is that?


Do you have any great tips for keeping wine cold on a hot summer day? Let us know in the comments below!

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