Summer is the best time to get lost in a good book. One of life’s simple pleasures is to sit on my favorite park bench or the beach (if I’m lucky) and escape for a few hours. So, whether you’re planning on enjoying a holiday this summer or just want to unwind with a good read on your patio, we’ve got the French books that will keep you in a sunny mood all season long. So kick back, put your feet up and get lost in another world.


How To Be Parisian Wherever You Are

Written by four Parisian women, How To Be Parisian Wherever You Are is a delightful and quick read for the gal that loves everything French. Little antidotes and fun drawings of Parisian style, culture, and attitude fill the pages. I’ve given this book as a gift a few times, and everyone who reads it, love it!


The Paris Wife

The Paris Wife tells the fictionalized story of Earnest Hemingway’s first wife. Her adventure begins in Oak Park before moving onto Paris in the 1920s. If you loved the historical scenes in Midnight In Paris, this book is definitely one to check out!



Paris The Novel

Craving a little historical fiction this summer? Paris the Novel shows the city of lights like you’ve never seen it before. The book begins in the 14th century Paris. While weaving back and forth though time, Paris the Novel doesn’t hide the grittier side of Paris that Parisians want you to forget. It does a great job of not sugar coating history while telling a story you haven’t heard. Karen said to mention that while this isn’t most cerebral book, it is one of the most captivating.




Almost French

Longing for a feel good book to read this summer? This may be just the escape you crave! Almost French is the story of a young woman who abruptly moves to France and experiences quite the culture shock. It illuminated about the preconceived notions on living in a foreign country, particularly France. She shares the everyday challenges about moving overseas,  like not knowing where to throw your trash out. Almost French is  great read for anyone who has felt like a fish out of water at some point in life- and to be honest, who of us hasn’t been one?



Paris To The Moon

Have you ever dreamed about picking up your all of your belongings and buying a one way ticket to Paris? In Paris to the Moon, Adam Gopnik and his family do just that! Adam, a writer for The New Yorker, blends his signature ironic sense of humor with the everyday life in Paris. One of my favorite passages is his hilarious account of joining a gym in Paris (a bit of an oxymoron, no?)



The French Beauty Secret

Okay so technically this book by Caudalie founder Mathilde Thomas is not Parisian, but c’est la vie. The French Beauty Secret is a perfect read if you are considering cleaning up your beauty routine or if you are interested in learning about the science behind some of your favorite products. She is quite Parisian in her view points and opinions, but any book that tells you red wine and long vacations are an essential part of life is (pardon the pun) okay in my book!

Do you have any summer book recommendations? What are your favorite Parisian books?

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