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At CarefulPeach we host a lot of events. We host wine tastings, shopping nights, we’ve had French lessons, our bastille day party, benefits, and even a bachelorette party! As fun as these events are, one of our favorites is the annual Poodle Parade! After all, who wouldn’t want a parade of the cutest pups around!

Every year, the Downtown Oak Park business district hosts ‘Art Dans La Rue’ which quite literally means ‘Artists on the Street.’ Downtown Oak Park (also known as DTOP) blocks off Marion street and has artists and artisans from all over to showcase their work, along with fun french music, Parisian entertainment, and snacks. During this event, we lead the annual Poodle Parade, where poodles galore flock to the streets (though all dogs with poodle-tude are welcome to attend). This will be our 10th year hosting the parade and it gets bigger and bigger every summer! Since we’re so excited (it’s less than a week away!) we thought we’d share some of our favorite photos from the years (because honestly who doesn’t love looking at cute pictures of dogs? Isn’t that what the internet is for?)

Almost every year we have a group of Can Can girls lead the parade! Aren’t their outfits so fun? Last year they were not in, but we’re excited to have them back this year! The Can Can girls add so much whimsy and excitement! This video is from about 2 years back- we can’t wait for them to dance again!



Just look at classic cuts!



That smile! 🙂


The sharpest dressed pups I have ever seen!


photo 1IMG_0499


Oh. My. God.


Doggos of all shapes and sizes are welcome!


One of my favorite pups- meet Jacamo! He is just as friendly and fun as he looks here! I’ve known him since he was an itty bitty puppy, and years later he is still full of so much energy!


Do you have a cute pup that would love being on parade? Come to the Poodle Parade on August 2nd. We meet at the shop at 7:00pm. See you then! 🙂

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