The Hidden Beauty of Oak Park Courtyards

Bonjour, friends! This weekend was the Micro Brew Review hosted by Downtown Oak Park. Every year, we trade in our wine glasses for beer mugs to check out the hundreds of local breweries on Marion Street. We got to thinking about some of the amazing things Oak Park has to offer. While this village we call home is know for it’s one-of-a-kind architecture (Frank Lloyd Wright, any one?), many visitors overlook the quaint hidden gem that is the apartment courtyard.

Today, we’ve rounded up a few of our favorite Oak Park courtyards, check them out below!

USE IMG_4708
Can you imagine coming home to this bricked walk way with that gorgeous iron mini gate?
USE IMG_4706
Love that little iron gate!
USE IMG_4713
Quiet and quaint.
USE IMG_4716
Love the green roof on this entrance way!

USE IMG_4724

USE IMG_4727
Love how simple and elegant this spot is!
USE IMG_4730
Hard to believe, but this spot is even more charming in the springtime!
USE IMG_4703
Love the color combo of the yellow brick and purple trees (maple, maybe?)

USE IMG_4700

USE IMG_4697
The symmetry in this courtyard is simply stunning.
USE IMG_4692
This courtyard is by far my favorite in Oak Park. It’s across the street from Mills Park and is just as dreamy in person. Plus they have a fountain!
USE IMG_4661
Another shot from my favorite courtyard. Its so picturesque.
USE IMG_4621
This beautiful building is on on the same block as CarefulPeach!
USE IMG_4593
I love the round entryway here- such a contrast in architecture!
Simple elegance allows the architecture to speak for it’s self.
Love those little pops of yellow flowers with the bight green hedges!


USE IMG_4968
Simply stunning!
USE IMG_5002
Love that little pop of pink in the planters! And how charming is that one planter in the middle of the glass?
This building is very Frank Llyod Wright inspired- it fits right in Oak Park!
USE IMG_4597
Last but not least… this is a Starbucks- a STARBUCKS! Have you ever seen such a glam Starbucks?
USE IMG_4596
A Starbucks, people! I mean…c’mon!


The next time you find yourself walking around the neighborhood, stop & take a peek at the beauty that surrounds you! What are your favorite hidden gems in your area?


5 thoughts on “The Hidden Beauty of Oak Park Courtyards

  1. Hi, I was really excited to see the pictures of the courtyards but am unable to view them. I never had a problem with pictures on the blog before…can you help?


  2. So beautiful, and a wonderful reminder that there are special glimpses all around us, if we’d just pick our heads up and look!


  3. Good Morning – I lived in one of these gorgeous structures for 4 years. I considered myself lucky every day I trudged up and down the 4 flights of stairs (great workout!). Marvelous space that I still miss.

    Liked by 1 person

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