Peach Team (L to R: Michelle, Milissa, Emma, Sharon, Karen & Pete)


Hello there!

We are the CarefulPeach, founded in 2007 by Karen & Pete Morava in the Arts District of Oak Park. In 2009, Karen realized the store was starting to grow more and more so she moved to a bigger location in Downtown Oak Parks bustling shopping district. In July of 2014, CarefulPeach expanded once more and expended to the empty shop next door.

CarefulPeach Boutique is proud to offer a variety of discreetly luxurious products for the happy home and body that celebrate the art of European living. We carry everything from apothecary luxuries to handmade jewelry, accessories, table linens, fine tabletop pieces, stationery, gourmet foods, cooking accessories, home decor, and oh so much more. A mixture of antique, vintage, and new pieces, we seek out European and American products that exude sophistication, charm, and whimsy while maintaining high quality and high standards: eco-friendliness and social consciousness being chief among them. As a brick-and-mortar store, we are new to the world of blogging, but are excited to share our latest musings on entertaining, travel, home decor, culture, style, and so much more!


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